“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” — Anton Chekhov

Browse these examples of pieces I've written to see the kind of work I could do for you.


Business stories

"Sales Beacon scales the heights" (NSBI Annual Report 2017–18)

"Investing in innovation for global competitiveness" (NSBI Annual Report 2017–18)

"Bassir Sobhani's unique Nova Scotia tea and its journey to market" (NSBI Oct. 16)

"Spotlight on Heartsy Studios" (NSBI Oct. 16)

Stories on nature and science

"Geological researcher tackling 'the gravest resource shortage you've never heard of'" (Acadia U., Nov. 16)

"Growing food on Mars? Why not?" (Acadia Bulletin, Fall 15)

"A crow's winter" (Rural Delivery magazine, Apr. 13)

Stories about people

"Three paths to supporting community" (Acadia Bulletin, Fall 18)

"From eight-year-old activist to a life of public service" (Acadia Bulletin, Fall 18)

"Jane's Again Bursary helps a family" (Acadia U., Mar. 18)

"Kimlee Wong: A voice for wild places" (Acadia Bulletin, Spr. 17)

"Jawad Nabulsi: The power of humanitarianism" (Acadia Bulletin, Fall 16)


Large projects

Tr'ondëk–Klondike World Heritage Site Nomination Dossier (2016–17). I assembled and led a team of editors to complete this huge, complex project within its tight and shifting deadlines.

Landscape of Grand Pré World Heritage Site Nomination Dossier (2010). This was a solo editing project with tight deadlines. The Landscape of Grand Pré was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2012. Click to read a sample chapter.


Wade Wilson, PhD: Mental Performance Training (light stylistic edit, copy edit, proofread)

Wade Wilson, PhD, and Ambika Bansal, MSc(c): F.A.T.E., the Kind We Can Control (light stylistic edit, copy edit, proofread, format for publication)


Deborah Young: Rise fantasy novel manuscript (structural, stylistic, and copy edits)