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I am committed to sustainability in my
business and personal life. The business
sustainability policy embraces three principles:

     • supporting the local community

     • protecting the local environment

     • maintaining a green office space

Monarch butterfly (photo taken on office property)   

To support the local community, I buy as much as I can in local goods and services. I also volunteer in a variety of ways. Please see the About page and résumé for more details of community involvement.

To protect the local environment, I have obtained Canadian Wildlife Federation certification as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat for the property surrounding my home and office. Gardening is free of chemicals, two rain barrels keep the plants watered, and organic matter is composted. I make monthly contributions to environmental charities and support local and national environmental organizations. Please see the About page for more details.

My office space is well insulated and has plenty of natural light. It benefits from passive solar heating in winter and breezes from open windows in summer. In-floor heating is on an electronic timer under NS Power’s Time-of-Day program, with an efficient woodstove as back-up heat. Printer paper is conserved and printed double sided. Rechargeable batteries power the computer mouse and keyboard. Almost all business is conducted by email and phone, with little need for travel by car. Supplies are reused or recycled as much as possible.

On a personal note, I grow and preserve some of my own food — partly for fun and to share, and partly to reduce my environmental footprint. As a good Nova Scotian, I shop at Frenchy’s and consignment shops for quality used clothing. And, of course, it’s easy to support Nova Scotia’s many producers of outstanding food and wine. If you haven’t already visited this beautiful, culturally rich province, you really should.

(902) 582 3251 • rachel@rachelcooper.ca

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