editing services

proof reading.  I’ll fix the typos and suggest ways to improve layout.

light editing. I’ll do the above, plus ensure that grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct. I’ll ensure that your document is internally consistent.

major editing. I’ll do the above, plus tailor the structure, length and wording to your target audience. I’ll clarify meaning and correct any gaps in logic.

project management. I’ll manage and edit your newsletter, brochure or other project from initial idea to finished product.


“Why do I need an editor? I use a spell checker.”

An editor saves you from calling yourself a manger instead of a manager in that key presentation. She knows whether you mean compliment or complement — and why getting it wrong can cost you money. And she knows when you can relax the rules of grammar for emphasis.

Even so, making sure your communications are free of pesky errors is only part of what an editor does for you.

An editor helps you say what you mean. Your message will be clear, correct and tailored for your market.

As an editor, I can make boring text lively. I can simplify language to make your message easy to grasp.

Whether you want a better brochure, report, website, article or newsletter, I can make your life easier and help you make a good impression.

If you’d like to find out more about how professional editing can make a difference, please get in touch. I’ll look at your project and give you a sample edit, free of charge, so you can see the difference for yourself.

(902) 582 3251 • rachel@rachelcooper.ca

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